Source code available here

This is a simple demo draft for use Godot Game Engine to build your own game. It currently contain 4 player actors coded with State machine paradigm. The 4 player actor are

  • Platformer (obviously for Super Mario-like games)
  • Isometric (action RPG ala Diablo or simple RPG adventure)
  • Scroller (beat 'em up like Street of Rage and alike)
  • Adventure (point&click adventure).

Please, note this draft only contain the very core for the player actor movements, no advanced stuff as inventory, actions, menu or whatever. Just the plain actor's basic movement and sprite.


Base2D-lin.tar.gz 37 MB
Base2D-win.rar 33 MB

Install instructions


  • extract package Base2D-lin.tar.gz
  • run base2d-lin.x86_64


  • extract package Base2D-win.rar
  • run base2d.exe

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