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My approach to walljump was a bit different, originally I made it quite complicated: you could walljump on walls you're facing directly (ie: you can freely change face direction while in middle air), you also needed a very specific kind of action: the strong flying kick. Strong flying kick (which will also be used to dispatch enemies) could be done only if you're not pressing directional keys. If you're pressing left or right (against the wall), our heroine won't walljump: you had to release [LEFT/RIGHT] and then press the kick action!

...to make things even more difficult for the player, the walljump required you to hold the jump button to reach higher height (like jumping from regular ground)

This made the walljump mechanics a bit more challenging... but also very confusing and convoluted: challenges must come from level design, not controls. Controls hard to grasp aren't difficult... are simply broken!

The "new" walljump mechanics is somewhat simplified.

All flying kick are the strong ones. Strong flying kick turn in the direction you're pressing: so, if you're facing left (while in middle air) and the wall you want to walljump is on the right, you just need to press [RIGHT] to wall jump. You still need to be careful with your timing because you're allowed to only one flying kick each time your feet touchground (walljump themselves count as touchground, so you can indefinitely walljump all the way up the sky  if there's are suitable walls).

But why use the [KICK] button instead of the standard [JUMP] one?

This is the (future) animation for the strong flying kick (as you may see, it's different from the current one in the public build which is only a static render); bear in mind its not supposed to play in loop but merge between various animation such as the "jump" and "fall" ones. This animation alone gave me the idea to use the flying kick as wall-jump mechanics: it doesn't just look like she's stomping on someone; but also as she was taking a high step as she was trying to get higher.

Additionally, I am thinking to use the [JUMP] button for another use... not sharing right now since I have yet to weight the effect on the overall gameplay: I am currently working on another feature, plus the array of animation to be done (all the render you see will turned in hand-drawn traced sprites: please, consider become a patreon of mine, so I know I am not wasting time and would dedicate myself more on these tasks. Plus, I will prioritize the animation cycles my patreon will ask for!)

What's next?

Well, this walljump mechanics require some test ground; currently the game come with only three levels; I think we're ready to add something specifically designed for this one.

I'll soon make another post about another mechanics I am adding, nothing too complex; but it will require extra work in animation and coding department. Its a minor thing, but I think it would add some variety to the usual run&jump. So, stay tuned!

See ya soon!

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