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In this update the aesthetic and feel will begin to shape, unfortunately I had to disable html5 again for compatibility propose but rest assured I shall bring it up ASAP. Now, lets take a look of what's changed.

First, our heroine is not a rendered 3d dummy anymore: +100 frames finally full hand drawn animated. As the design goes on, I'll add more frame (rendered) frames for future mechanics and features: but ultimately, everything will be fully hand-drawn! Here's a quick sample:

There will no more levels to play because I am in the process of transitioning towards much more rich and detailed art

This new tileset (entirely drawn by me) it's more time consuming than the previous one (which was autotile, superfast to place) but it's more pleasing to look. Also the added richness of detail is necessarily to tell different areas apart: it's not just for eyecandy, but helps in the actual gameplay to not get lost!

Now, lets get to the focal point of this update, the STORY!

Most platformer are happy to throw the story away with a small text box, plus little generic portraits; I went a step further. Certain pivot narrative moment will feature visual novel-style cutscene: you won't get to choose, well, your character will be mostly silent all the time... but rest assured your action will influence the narrative outcome.

My next update is focused on build the actual playground (levels). The more detailed tilesed and graphics pose certain limits I have to work with (some tiles require to work with specific ones, making more difficult to design strategically narrow places and such). Before going back to work, I would like to thank all those who have supported me so far: both on Patreon and donations here. You're all fueling one person dream!



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