This is an ongoing project of mine mostly founded by my patreons here:

Current features:

 1 intro level with narrative opening + 2 extra draft level (under work)

 Kick, flying kick and other attacks (no enemies as they are still in production)

Sprites rendered with Blender, then hand-drawn in the final form


model rendered based on OscarLeif's work:

more to add...

Made withBlender, Krita, Godot, GIMP
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Draftform-lin.tar.gz 40 MB 48 MB 39 MB

Development log


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Cute game! I like the parallax effect of the background. I found your game from the devlog - it's a shame I can't get the walljump working in the web game. As feedback: switching the direction the character is facing in mid air would make the movement more believable

Hey, thanks for trying it out!

The version of the game engine (Godot) I am using is experimental, the deploy of the html5 is hit and miss: but there are lot of people working on it, I hope soon will be able to deploy html5 binary more consistently.

As for the mid-air facing, I've opted for something "inbetween" fixed position and turn around. Now the heroine will tilt her body backward when pressing the counter direction she's facing and will return on place once the counter-action is released. I think this is the best compromise between visual feedback for your action without break the visual consistency (instantly mirror the horizontal axis of the sprite)

That's great!! Looking forward to see further game development :)