New build: walljump and slide integrated

Finally its now possible to climb and jump over the walls; as you can see from the preview here, there are two kind of walljump: one is used to gain height (most common kind), while the other walljump is intended to reach distant place on the map (as well slide in narrow passages otherwise inaccessible).

I've added a small introduction session you can access straight away from the main menu. It is supposed to get you started, but if you're the kind of person who prefer to read instructions (and you're not afraid of my bad English), here's how it work.

Kick wall jump (internally I call it "walljump-climb): jump against a wall, press [KICK] button. If you're not facing the wall (heroine's back is against the wall), be sure to press the wall's direction ( [LEFT]/[RIGHT]) otherwise it wouldn't work. Each successful kick wall jump grant unlimited walljump (both kinds) so far you have good timing. If you misplace your [KICK] (not hitting the wall) our heroine will not be able to walljump anymore (until she doesn't hit the ground again)

Limitations of Kick wall jump : this jump will force the heroine to distance herself from the wall, you can't gain height with multiple walljump on the same wall (ie: like in 'ol classic Zool game)

Jump against wall (internally I call it "walljump-flat): jump against a wall you're already facing, press [JUMP] button (again). If you're not facing the wall, the walljump trick doesn't work: you'll need to combine kick-wall-jump to orientate heroine's direction while in mid air (or be sure to face already the wall you want to walljump before landing off)

Limitations of Jump against wall: as already stated, if you're not already facing the wall, this techinque won't work, no matter what key do you press. In addition to that, a succesful Jump against wall, doesn't grant you ability to jump again (like kick wall jump), you'll need to alternate with kick wall jump (I know its confusing at first, but endlessly walljump between the same two spot get ridiculous; I am always open for your input)


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